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Why Us?


We get asked all the time to compare our services to those of other companies. We really don't like to speak badly about someone else's work. Anybody can bash the work of another; it’s easy. But we think of that as a kneejerk reaction people use to protect themselves when they feel threatened.
 We think it's better for you to gather the facts, so as to make a sound and informed decision for yourself. That's why we're the only company that provides links to the other guys’ websites. We encourage you to visit their sites and compare our understanding of the craft to theirs. We don't want you as our customer because you think that we’re the only game in town or because we have twisted your arm into making a decision. Hardwood floors are a massive undertaking and we want you as our customer because you are informed and see that we offer the absolute best in the industry in regards to both craftsmanship and the products we use.



With us, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting on your floors and you’ll be working with a business that keeps up with and stays on top of changes in the industry while not putting our client’s hardwood flooring at risk.
All in all, you won't see a link leading back here on anyone else's site anytime soon…
Red Oak Hardwood Flooring sand and refinish in Winter Park Florida
Red Oak Hardwood floor refinished with custom stain color and Pallmann Magic Oil
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