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Oak is Oak, NOPE!!

Updated: Mar 27

Choosing the right type of hardwood flooring for your home can be a difficult decision. With so many options to choose from, it's important to know the differences between each type of wood. One common debate is between Red Oak and White Oak hardwood

flooring. Both are popular options, but they have some key differences that are important to consider. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between red oak and white oak flooring, so you can make an informed decision for your home.


The most obvious difference between red oak and white oak flooring is their appearance. Red oak has a pinkish-red hue with prominent grain lines that make it a popular choice for traditional or rustic styles. White oak, on the other hand, has a yellowish-brown hue and a more subtle grain pattern, making it a versatile choice for modern and contemporary styles. While both types of flooring are beautiful in their own right, the difference in appearance can significantly impact the overall look of your home.


When it comes to durability, both Red Oak and White Oak flooring are solid choices. However, white oak is slightly harder than red oak, making it slightly more durable and better suited for high-traffic areas of your home. Both types of flooring can withstand everyday wear and tear, but White Oak is more resistant to dents and scratches.


Another difference between Red Oak and White Oak flooring is their reaction to staining. Red Oak tends to absorb stains more evenly, which can make it easier to achieve a consistent color. White Oak, on the other hand doesn't have the red/pink undertones of Red Oak so can be stained lighter without the dreaded orange or red that nobody seems to want any more. If you plan on staining your floors, this is an important factor to consider.


Both types of hardwood flooring require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. However, Red Oak is slightly more susceptible to water damage than White Oak

White Oak wood floor sanded and refinished in Winter Park Florida
Wide plank White Oak stained Antique brown

making it less ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas with high humidity. White Oak, on the other hand, is more resistant to water damage, making it a better choice for these types of areas. In conclusion, the decision between Red Oak and White Oak hardwood flooring ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your home. Both types of hardwood flooring are durable, beautiful, and add value to your home. Consider the differences in appearance, durability, staining and maintenance to make the best choice for your home. Whether you choose Red Oak or White Oak hardwood flooring, you'll add beautiful and long-lasting investment to your home.

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