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Top hardwood floor refinishing questions we get asked.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

The short answer is, it depends. 

An average size job 1000-1500sqft with no repairs and if the floors are in decent shape will take 5 days, bigger or more complicated jobs obviously will take longer.

Can I stay at home during the wood floor refinishing?

Yes it's possible with some restrictions.  Although we will be in your home for 1-2 weeks on average, that doesn't mean that you must be out of your home for that entire time.

Most of our clients stay at home for the majority of the project. There will be certain times during the day towards the end of the project where you will not be able to walk on the floor.

With careful planning, many of our clients are actually able to stay home every night, this is assuming that you have an area to sleep that is not in a room being serviced. 

Do we remove and replace furniture?

If you have a few small pieces you need help with we can assist you.  But because we’re not professional movers, our insurance doesn't cover us for any damage done to your furniture if we have a mishap.

Most of our clients get pretty creative when it comes to storing their furniture during the wood floor restoration. What I see most often is storing the furniture in carpeted/tiled rooms, storing the furniture in the garage, or renting a POD type storage unit. Many clients opt to hire a local moving company to either move their furniture to another area of their home, or store it off-site.


Do we work on weekends?

Restoring hardwood floors is a very physically demanding job. During the week we work extremely hard, and by the time the weekend rolls around we’re ready for our beauty rest.

Not only that, we’re also family men and we love to spend as much time with them as possible.

If all that is needed is a final coat to finish your hardwood floor restoration and you have an extremely tight schedule, we may be able to get it done on a Saturday but please don't count on this 

Who will be working on my floors?

There are three of us that do all the work, we are a family business, father and two sons, so you will have Stephen, Sean and Craig working on your hardwood floor refinishing project from start to finish.



   Here are some “dos and don’ts” to keep your hardwood                      floors squeaky clean and well maintained.

Use Rugs in Entryways
If you have hardwood in an entryway, wet or dirty shoes can be hard on your floors, especially here in Florida as we tend to bring in sand on our shoes.  Make sure to have a good rug in this area so people have a place to wipe their feet.

Use Rugs in High Traffic/High Wear Areas
Areas with high amounts of traffic are the first to show signs of wear.  Using a rug that fits the décor of the room is great way to avoid premature wear and also provide your floor with that extra touch.  Areas in front of sinks and bathtubs also take a lot of abuse.  Make sure any areas that may be exposed to water have quality rugs that can absorb the water.

The Secret Scuff Remover
If you floor gets scuffed, you don’t want to use anything abrasive on your floor that will change the sheen. We have found that the felt on a tennis ball is tough enough to fix many scuffs, but not abrasive enough to change the sheen of the finish.

Clean with No-Residue Floor Cleaner:

We will leave you with a cleaning kit and explain how to properly take care of your floor, but if you choose to use a different cleaner, only use No-Residue floor cleaner.  Anything with residue in it such as, Murphy’s Oil, Pledge, or Orange Glow, will prevent your floor from accepting future recoats and the residue will build up holding on to dirt and causing a very uneven sheen across your floor. As a rule of thumb, any cleaner that purportedly acheives any type of shine or luster gernerally leaves a residue in order to do so.

No High Heels
High heels are not good for hardwood flooring and will leave small dents in your floor.

Any vacuum with a wand attachment and horse hair/felt floor tool works great for picking up small debris and sand, if you are using a vacuum with a roller make sure the roller is turned off or deactivated.

Dry Mop/Wet Mop
An easy way to quickly clean your floor is the dry mop/wet mop method. Quickly go over the floor with a dry microfiber mop pad and then do the same with a damp micro fiber mop pad and the recommended cleaner in a spray bottle, it takes very little time and will make your floors shine.

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